Rural Estate Ground Mount Solar Installation

Mahomet, IL This rural estate supplies all of its energy usage with this 22.9 kW solar ground mount solar installation. Bifacial solar panels and reflective gravel were used to maximize electricity production.

Ground mount solar installation in Mahomet IL

Grain Farm Ground Mount Solar Installation

Penfield, IL We installed a 10KW ground mount solar system supporting farm operations on this grain farm.  We incorporated solar panels and a Generac backup generator, utilizing bifacial panels with white gravel underneath to maximize solar energy production.

Cornelius Ground Mount Solar

Dual-Axis Tracking System Solar Installation

Thawville, IL 10 kW solar system consisting of 3 pole-mounted arrays with dual-axis tracking utilizing bifacial panels. To maximize production, this system tracks the sun morning through evening and changes angles to match the elevation of the sun in different seasons.

Ground Mount Solar installation in Urbana Champaign

Ground Mount Solar

Ground-mounted solar systems do not require putting holes in your roof. They can also maximize solar energy production by taking advantage of the best angle to capture sun, and can often accommodate more panels than a roof can.

Ground mount solar installation